Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge has been transformed over the past century from a quiet rural summer retreat to a neighborhood dominated by high rise apartment buildings.  However, residents are fighting to maintain a small town feeling.  The community is very active and the Bay Ridge Community Council has over 100 affiliated member organizations (PTAs, civic, trade, and block associations).
Check out Austin’s Steakhouse if you are volunteering in the neighborhood. This local favorite lets you eat in or take out. Located at 90th Street.
The commercial districts, such as 3rd Avenue, 5th Avenue, and 86th Street, have been revitalized and maintained by active merchants associations and Business Improvement District efforts.  Many restaurants are located on 3rd Ave, and the area is known for some of the best Italian food in the City.  South Bay Ridge is traditionally known as "Italian Bay Ridge.”  The famous Sbarro restaurant chain was also started in the neighborhood as an Italian grocery store.
The neighborhood is home to a number of recreational facilities and beautiful parks, such as Owls Head Park, overlooking the Harbor.  
The Verrazano Bridge connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. It’s also the starting point for the annual New York City Marathon.