Boerum Hill

To the uninitiated stranger on the bustling sidewalks of Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue, Scoops Ice Cream Parlor looks pretty typical. Sure enough, Scoops does sell ice cream, but that’s only a small taste of what’s being served at this beloved snack stop. Like other eateries in the neighborhood, the food at Scoops is influenced by the guidelines of Rastafarianism and the Ital movement. That means that the West Indian fare is strictly vegetarian and immaculately prepared. More importantly, it’s delicious. Start with a homemade ginger beer or a vegan smoothie. Take a look under the hot bar at the selections of the day—if you’re in the mood for something light, try a veggie patty. Sweet rolls, mixed nuts, and Ital grocery items line the counters. Time permitting, pull up a stool (there are only two) and soak in the friendly vibe as a steady stream of locals pop in to show love to the Trinidadian proprietors.